Let’s make out.


that feel when straightedge at a party

Anonymous asked:
Someone needs a proper fucking.

I definitely do

If you’re awake, text me or Kik me or snap chat me. I don’t care.

urukxhai for everything.

It’s so tight when you try and be with a girl!

And then she can’t deal with how much you tour. I love it!

But for real I can’t blame her. Still sucks but oh well.

Catch me slinging merch for the homies in To the Wind on this last leg of Warped Tour. 

Photo Cred: Brandon Andersen

Here’s a sleepy selfie to break up the porn spam.

I’m too horny to sleep and I’m in Cleveland in the van so there is nothing I can do about it. 😒🔫



I need smaller n shorter bars :////

I almost fainted for this

My boobies r pretty now



Tuscon Bound

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