Mostly I’m Jrake the Merch Dingus. Sometimes I’m a brig ol hunk. For your vrocals.

Anonymous asked:
Can't say but you can guess. If you guess right I'll come off anon :) Hint: I'm in love with you're beard.


Anonymous asked:
I'd win ;) And then we can fuck a little more... Ok a lot more

Who are you? Hahaha

Anonymous asked:
Fuck me till you're completely satisfied and I can't walk. Then let's play a game of Magic. What do you say?

Dream girl.

Message me your nudes so I have something cool to look at.

Daddy doing his job.

And no one is texting me.

I’m having the worst fucking day.

Let’s make out.


that feel when straightedge at a party

Anonymous asked:
Someone needs a proper fucking.

I definitely do

If you’re awake, text me or Kik me or snap chat me. I don’t care.

urukxhai for everything.

It’s so tight when you try and be with a girl!

And then she can’t deal with how much you tour. I love it!

But for real I can’t blame her. Still sucks but oh well.